The only real way to reach your potential as a snooker player is to dedicate time to practise both on your own in the club and in match play situations.

Coaching gives a player focus and dedicated time analysing which aspects of technique need work.

This informs a player’s practise and so helps more rapid improvement and consistency to take place.

A thought:

Golf coaching is common place – every golf club has a professional coach and many many golfers seek their advice every day. It is true, however, that although snooker coaching has been around for many years; very few snooker players have taken the time to be assessed and advised how to improve their technique. I feel this is a shame and it is my personal goal to provide a professional service to all aspiring players through my coaching.

Snooker players are sometimes reluctant to ask for help and I truly believe that this mind set should be changed.

I enjoy coaching any players who want to try and improve their game; young or no so young!!

I particularly enjoy working with young people and have been lucky enough to work with youngsters through the YPS, the Paul Hunter Foundation and the Cue Zone into Schools Project.

It is also possible to work with small groups (maximum 3 per session).

I have undertaken an enhanced DBS check and am certified to work with any clients including children and vulnerable adults.

This is a great question! People sometimes say “but….you aren’t a professional player, why should I listen to you?” I feel this is a little short sighted.

I am not a pro snooker player (nor will I ever be one) but my skills are what you NEED from a coach.

I am an expert in the delivery of informative and well-structured sessions – you don’t need me to show you how good I am – I would see this as a waste of valuable session time! My sessions are 100% ‘client centred’; always working on what you NEED from me; nothing else is acceptable.

My years in the teaching profession have helped me to develop an approachable, friendly, professional style which is built on encouraging my clients. I communicate concepts clearly and always put my clients at ease (I know it can be a bit nerve-racking having any sort of coaching – especially for adults!).

There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula but you can expect the following features of a session with me:

  • Structure – including clear objectives about what the client wants to achieve from the session
  • Analysis – time dedicated to watching the client at the table and making general observations. This may take up quite a bit of the first session although may be slightly less in subsequent sessions.
  • Discussion – establishing a rapport with the client. This helps me to find out about their needs/thoughts and helps the client to relax and feel comfortable.
  • Practise – ensuring that the concepts discussed are embedded in routines and match scenarios.
  • Review – Including setting objectives for home practise/next session.

It is important to emphasise that practise in between coaching sessions is very important in order to embed the concepts/techniques discussed.

Just like any other sort of coaching, people have different needs.

  • For complete beginners or those who have only recently started playing, I suggest regular sessions in order to set you off with a solid knowledge of technique required.
  • For more advanced players, after an initial assessment and discussion about your personal goals, a programme can be drawn up to help you get the most out of your game.
  • I also offer block bookings of up to 10 sessions which can be ideal for gifts for birthdays/Christmas for friends and family who love the game and want to improve.
I coach at the Elite Snooker Centre in Great Harwood. I am happy to travel to your own club if that is more convenient although it is your responsibility to book and pay for the table time.