I got into coaching because I love the game of snooker and want it to grow in my local area. I want others to get the maximum enjoyment out of playing it as well. This may not mean making century breaks every week but it is probably fair to say that in order to enjoy the game you love, getting better at it will help!

I believe that anyone can improve their level of skill by taking the time to do the following:

  • Review technique
  • Recognise Problems
  • Remedy faults
  • Realise potential

The ‘4 R’s’ as I call them are a simple and straight forward way of facilitating improvement and, although not everyone has a ‘textbook cue action’ (nor should they if it isn’t appropriate) it is a fact that an improvement in basic technique will help any player to improve.

My style of coaching is suited to anyone who shares my simple philosophy. Please do not feel worried about booking sessions – I am approachable, friendly and want you to feel relaxed; only then can any real improvement happen for you.

Please contact me if you have any more questions.